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What We Don’t See


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Burton’s facing some big changes!

After Matilda’s stroke, her friends must decide how to carry on while she recuperates… resulting in strong opinions. Eventually, the home’s new — albeit temporary — caregivers are selected. Meanwhile, Alex’s flourishing business and marriage can’t ease her heartbreak over a recent miscarriage. As she struggles to process her grief, she faces another shift in her world. J.T.’s estate has been settled, leaving her with big decisions. Realizing that growing her business while trying to also grow her family will require help, Alex hires a tech-savvy graduate who’s ready to take her company to the next level.

Against the backdrop of these and other joys and sorrows, someone lurks in the background, sowing seeds of discord. Dorothy, a former acquaintance of Matilda’s, soon becomes the town gossip. She arrives at the Harvest Tea preparations to gloat over her success at undermining Matilda’s relationships. However, she’s underestimated the unshakable love the people of Burton have for one another.

What We Don’t See is a story of faith, that unseen but powerful force connecting us to God. It’s also a story of darker unseen forces — gossip, bitterness, hatred — that not only destroy the one who spreads them but also seeks to undermine all those around.

What We Don’t See


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