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All Your Heart by LeighAnne Clifton

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All Your Heart

A Christian Romance


Alex’s plan to use college to escape both her small Southern town and her workaholic mother is drastically altered following a prom-night assault. And an unplanned pregnancy.

But, no one will believe her. He’s too powerful.

So, Alex bolts in search of a fresh start. A rogue deer, a cute mechanic, and a kind lady change not only her new plans. They alter the course of her life. Forever.

Alex must let her guard down to ensure new loved ones aren’t torn apart by a decades-old secret. But, can Alex let go of her own secrets, process the incredible circumstances of her new daughter’s family connections, and allow her budding romance with a local businessman to finally bloom?


All Your Heart by LeighAnne Clifton

1 review for All Your Heart by LeighAnne Clifton

  1. Dina Husseini

    Very interesting story. One that will have you turning at every corner wondering what will happen next.

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