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A Past Blast by Dina Husseini (Paperback)

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A Past Blast



Nothing is What it Seems… Or Is It?

When a new drug hit the market, the world wasn’t prepared for what the consequences were. A handful of strong souls decided to fight for the entire world’s survival and destroy the threat. However, they weren’t expecting what fate would bestow upon them. Will the threat be dealt with? Or would the new drug take over and destroy everything?




A Past Blast by Dina Husseini (Paperback)

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3 reviews for A Past Blast by Dina Husseini (Paperback)

  1. Frank R.

    A real eye-opener.
    Looks can be deceiving.

  2. Despina Nicola

    Excellent story! Excellent book! What a rollercoaster!! Loved it. Love the characters. The style. Everything! This book is meant for the movie world too!!

  3. Zoe Mou

    I love this book!

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