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August 4th by Dina Husseini

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“This book goes out to BEIRUT, Lebanon and to

all the Lebanese around the world.

One Love.

One Life.

One Lebanon.


RIP to all who were killed in the blast.”


August 4th is a heart-wrenching book that chronicles emotions during the Beirut, Lebanon explosion on August 4, 2020.  When a large amount of ammonium Nitrate stored at the port exploded, over 200 people lost their lives and over 6500 were injured.  Billions of dollars in property damage left an estimated 300,000 people homeless.


August 4th by Dina Husseini

5 reviews for August 4th by Dina Husseini

  1. Frank R.

    Truly is One Love, One Life.
    I can’t imagine how an event like that can change lives.
    Through this book I saw life in a new perspective.

  2. Despina Nicola

    I never showed so many emotions in one book. It made me cry and I honestly couldn’t put it down! WOW! I’m sorry the Lebanese people went through such a horrific experience, my heart goes out to all those who had been affected by the blast!

  3. Sandra Anderson

    I can’t stop crying. Dina Husseini showed us reality in a different light. Uncomfortable and nerve wracking. I wish all the best for the Lebanese people.

  4. Demetra Zion

    When I beta read this book, I never knew I’d enter a world filled with sorrow and horrow. This alone made me feel bad. But at the end, I smiled, because kight shines at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Zoe Mou

    Someone gifted this book to me. I couldn’t stop crying. A must read.

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