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My Last Breath – Book 1 in the My Last Series by Dina Husseini

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My Last Breath

Book 1 in the My Last Series


At sixteen years old, Davina lost her classmate which made her over sensitive and naïve, and she got herself in trouble with one of her teachers. Thinking all men were the same, Davina ignored the world around her, and isolated herself until she met Eddy, Taylor and Charlie and fell for all three. Which boy will steal her heart in the end, and will one past incident affect the safety of her family?



 “Breathtaking… Takes you deep into Davina’s subconscious and shows you how a shy girl develops stronger emotions through her             experiences.” Geo, Lebanon.


“Action, Drama, Romance, “My Last Breath” has it all.”  Naya, Lebanon.


“Narration takes you to a whole new level of action and romance. Remarkable.” Castalina, Cyprus.


“Sequence of events shows you how a human soul and character can differ from one situation to another.” Andreas, Cyprus.


My Last Breath – Book 1 in the My Last Series by Dina Husseini

6 reviews for My Last Breath – Book 1 in the My Last Series by Dina Husseini

  1. Yvette Mansour (verified owner)

    I really like this book it took me way of things happened with us in a way…
    Devina personality sexy and she doesn’t know it..gave her problem and her politeness and shyness gave her in mass too..
    I love the way she describes the wold as its ..
    I love her imagination thoughts..
    Love her politeness with her family and aggresive thought when she make love ..
    Even in her nightmare 💌
    Am waiting after ..to be continue..
    I suggest highly to read this book its worth to read it and take to a beautiful imagination 💞

  2. Ryan. H (verified owner)

    This book is great read the characters have amazing hooking personalities, if you want to get a good read this is it!!!!

  3. George Reaidy

    The characters hooked me the second I opened the first page.
    The way Davina thinks, feels, and acts relates to people I know in real life.
    The entire story, even if just a dream, relates to our everyday lives. The good, the Bad, and everything in between.
    If you’re looking for a great book to kickstart your imagination, then this is the book for you.

  4. Despina Nicola (verified owner)

    After reading this book, I realized there’s no going back with the amount of imagination, Ms. Husseini has created for us. I can’t wait for book 2. Eagerly at the edge of my seat.

  5. Nad

    Definitely recommend My last breath!

  6. Zoe Mou

    Someone gifted me this book last week. It was a fun and easy read, but not expecting the ending tbh. I can’t wait to follow Davina on her exceptional journey. Wow!

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