Sharks Don’t Sleep by Katie Hevey:

Bettie Blue doesn’t want to go to sleep.  She tells Mama that she will be a Shark and sleep like the sea creatures do. Oh, Bettie Blue, what will Mama do?  Follow along in this adorable book by author/illustrator Katie Hevey to find out if Sharks sleep or not!

5 Stars: Sharks Don’t Sleep by Katie Hevey is a charming children’s story. As a grandmother, I think this book should be on the nightstand, to be told at bedtime.

Bettie is the adorable little girl in the story. Like most children, she doesn’t want to go to sleep. Instead, Bettie tells her mother she wants to “sleep like the sea creatures do”.

Like all good moms, Bettie’s mom, uses her daughter’s resistance to bedtime as a teaching moment. She explains how sharks and other marine animals sleep, and weaves the lesson of celebrating diversity among all creatures.

In the end, with the dog on the bottom of the bed, Bettie, in mama’s arms, falls fast asleep.

Author Katie Hevey has created an enduring story along with delightful illustrations. Children will find the illustrations fun to look at, and the story interesting and educational.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Pen It Publications).

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5 Star Book Review: Sharks Don’t Sleep by Katie Hevey

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