The Angel With Only One Wing by Nadene Merkitch Jantz:

5 Stars: “The Angel With Only One Wing” is an amazing story, with beautiful illustrations, designed to capture the reader’s imagination and heart.

Author Nadene Merkitch Jantz begins the book with a poignant message for anyone suffering with a disability, being discriminated against or bullied. She explains the Bible Parable of the blind man and quotes from Helen Keller, who was both deaf and blind. Nadene shares her own life lessons and personal struggles that she and her daughter have triumphantly overcome.

This delightful story begins with a child (“Earth Angel”) named Marigold, waking up in a beautiful garden, wondering where she is, and why she has only one wing. Marigold’s encounter with a little girl named Suzie who has “special needs” – becomes life-changing for both girls. This compelling and uplifting story about diversity and friendship presents positive lessons that can impact a child for a lifetime. This book will make every reader realize how special they are by accepting and embracing their differences and realizing that their uniqueness adds value to our world. I encourage you to purchase this book for a child in your life and enjoy reading the story with him or her.

In this Grandmother’s humble opinion, this book would be beneficial for every medical center’s waiting room (especially children’s hospitals), every school library, every church library and every homeless shelter nationwide.

Author Nadene Merkitch Jantz is a single mother of a daughter with special needs and her amazing faith shines through on every page.  Nadene is a national award-winning artist, with the goal now of writing inspirational stories and sharing the “good news” of Christ – spreading encouragement, hope and Joy to the world.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Pen It Publications).

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5 Star Book Review: The Angel With Only One Wing by Nadene Merkitch Jantz

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