Wish You Were Here: Heavenly Encounters Book II by Joyce S. Isaacson:

5 Star Review Headline: Search Goes On In The Afterlife!

Fantasy Author Joyce Isaacson continues her unique approach to the afterlife in ‘Wish You Were Here: Heavenly Encounters Book II’. It is important to remember this series, story, and characters were inspired by the UK-based rock band Badfinger. In book one, Tomas Alvers arriving at Level 5 of Heaven after he commits suicide. In this paranormal setting Tomas is guided by an angel, Gabriel, while on a quest to reunite with his long-lost lead singer and best friend, Paul Lamb. Be aware that the Author uses fictional license with the language and content in this fantasy series.

Tomas Alvers continues his quest to find Paul in book two, but a thought came over him. “Everywhere I go, I meet somebody I know, or I don’t know but, for the afterlife of me, I can’t connect with Paul.”

Let me bring you into the conversation in Chapter 35:

… “I can’t believe this!” I said in a sort of in a rant, going from house to house and finding a dead end again and again on Level 4. “I have been on every bloody level so many records, music shops, parks, and no leads! I keep hearing that song ‘Around and Around’ by Aeroplane. Level hopping sucks! Balls! I wish I had some kind of map for each level. Why didn’t God think of that? Must find me marker on Level 1 to continue me search.”

…I stopped in front of a big building and, at first, stared at the architecture. “What is this, this huge white building with columns on each side? Have I landed in Rome? I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Then, something struck me mind. “Oh, no! Have I landed in another realm of Purgatory again?

… “Why is there this strange white big building with the columns on each side with steps leading to these big bronze doors?” I stood with half-closed eyes in front of a structure and looked all around me and into the distance. “Oh, this happened before, where I could see other houses and stores when I entered a building and then, when I left, I was standing in a void, except for…”

I think you will enjoy this second metaphysical novel by Author Joyce Isaacson. Joyce worked for The Chicago Tribune Editorial Department for ten years. Her love of fantasy, and the paranormal, coupled with her fascination with rock ‘n’ roll, compelled her to write her ‘Wish You Were Here, A Cosmic Rock Fantasy series.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Pen It Publications).

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5 Star Book Review: Wish You Were Here: Heavenly Encounters Book II by Joyce S. Isaacson

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