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Timebomb: Before The Spring Rains by Ndaba Sibanda (E-book)



Timebomb: Before The Spring Rains



To those who have walked through thick and thin without losing hope and focus.

 A man’s mettle is constantly under the microscope of test and time. For, man is forever faced with the daunting task of  rising above his plethora of adversities and infirmities and turning them into histories, glories and victories. Those are the definitive lifetime battles often wished away, yet there is spirit and strength of character in winning them rather than whining about them.

 Hare and Elephant were hauled to a court of justice. The ten-member jury had insects, birds, reptiles and animals in it. Bat presided over the deliberations. Every bird, every reptile, every animal and every insect watched the proceedings with keen interest. What would the outcome be and would they survive?


Timebomb: Before The Spring Rains by Ndaba Sibanda (E-book)


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