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Infinite World by Daniel Santiago


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Infinite World


Daniel Santiago has hit a homerun with his first novel, Infinite World.

A compassionate, environmental scientist, James Oliver meets with his former boss, Alan Heskey, to embark on an scientific expedition to Greenland to test technology that could help reverse the earth’s climate issues.  The test could save the future of his child and the rest of humanity from extinction. During his trip, James discovers that the odds are against him and nothing is what it appears to be. Those he trusted are the ones who turn their backs on him. He is ambushed and must find his way back home to his own flesh and blood, Jack Oliver, who willingly joins Alan’s team after believing his father has abandoned him. Alan’s plan is to let most of humanity die off, so he can plant something new in its place. He imagines a world free of violence, war, hatred, and even death. What he calls a perfect world.  He recruits the best young minds to help him rebuild the world in his image for future generations to thrive in and to give honor to him alone.

Infinite World by Daniel Santiago


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