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The Time Capsule Diary by Rachel R. Reichl London (Hardback)



The Time Capsule Diary – Hardback

How will you be remembered when you die? What kind of mark will you leave on the world before you leave it?

These are the two things on Gracie Elizabeth Paris Amethyst’s mind as she contemplates the end of her life and the legacy she wants to leave behind. After much thought has gone into it, Gracie decides she is going to leave behind a diary. This diary will be filled with the most important moments that occurred in Gracie’s life.

These moments will be told in snap shots and there will be time jumps as we see Gracie go from an awkward little girl to a teenager and finally a mature young women. Life wasn’t always so easy for Gracie; she made mistakes and had to deal with unaccepting and ignorant bullies and teachers. As they read her diary, she is determined that her family will learn from her mistakes. She also hopes that they will not have to face the same ugly behavior that she had to face growing up.

She also hopes that this diary will be used to teach others that people with Autism can do anything people born without Autism can do. They just might have to do things slightly differently. She knows that it won’t be easy for a diary to help change how the world sees people with autism, but she is hoping that it can try.

The Time Capsule Diary by Rachel R. Reichl London (Hardback)

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