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The Tangled Fairy Book 1 by Loren Hackney (Hardback)

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The Tangled Fairy – Book 1



The Tangled Fairy is the first book in a series by author Loren Hackney with illustrations by Korey Woods.  The Tangled Fairy is an adorable kids book that looks at black hair and all the things that surround it.  It is also about people and their differences.  It also touches on the issue of bullying and treating each other with respect.

The Tangled Fairy Book 1 by Loren Hackney (Hardback)

3 reviews for The Tangled Fairy Book 1 by Loren Hackney (Hardback)

  1. Janel Micah Gasilla Barrios

    What an imaginative, adorable story about uniqueness, beauty, and filtering out negative nonsense from others! The illustrations are spot on. Well done, Lore

  2. Janel Micah Gasilla Barrios

    The Tangle Fairy is a genius book talking about a topic into something simple yet witty.
    I love how the author represents differences, that you are beautiful no matter what the color of your skin is, or what texture of your hair is.
    Every parent out there should let their children read this book!

  3. aporhomebase21

    This young lady Loren Hackney wrote a book called The Tangle Fairy it touches the issues of bullying and treating each other with respect! The 6301 Project and Apor Homebase are helping her promote her message. Loren suffered from brain damage & a stroke giving birth to her son; died twice on the operating table and had to and learn everything again. She since then recovered & wrote a children’s book! Look out for her next reading and signing. #recovery #conversation #love

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