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Singing in Color by Karena Schroeder

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Singing in Color

Author Karena Schroeder wrote Singing in Color for her son, Miles. He was diagnosed with the autism spectrum at the age of three. As they struggled to communicate with their son, Karena and her husband discovered that they could reach him through song. If they put their requests or wishes into song, he would respond. Since music was the way they were able to reach Miles, Karena decided to share the book, Singing in Color, in an effort to help other parents who are struggling with reaching their autistic child.

Miles was able to take this story into his classrooms to read to his peers so they could understand his struggles. As a result, he is thriving and Karena hopes your child will too.

Singing in Color by Karena Schroeder

1 review for Singing in Color by Karena Schroeder

  1. Connor McAbee

    Hi aunt k! I miss you so much

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