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Small Distortions – A Coffee Table Book by Jen Selinsky (Hardback)



Small Distortions – A Coffee Table Book  (Hardback)

Every year, I look forward to the coming of spring and warm weather so I can go outside and walk. Those who know me best will not hesitate to tell anyone that one of my favorites places to walk is the Big Four Bridge, which connects Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky.

One sunny and warm day during the spring of 2019, I went to downtown Jeff, with the intention of getting some exercise, as well as taking a few new photos. Since I already had so many regular pictures from the bridge and downtown area, I decided to play with some of the camera apps on my phone. Thus, Small Distortions was born. In addition to the bridge, I took photos at Silver Creek Park and a few of the places around my neighborhood.

I created the following images using sepia tones, negatives, different levels of brightness, and monochrome. Some of them are even happy accidents from which I got something unique without the intent of taking a picture. So, without further ado, let me introduce my distorted creations.

Small Distortions – A Coffee Table Book by Jen Selinsky (Hardback)

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