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Kabay and Monok by Mohib Zegham (E-book)



Kabay and Monok



Kabay is curious.  He wonders how big the world is outside of the stream he and his family live in.  His grandfather was a great traveler who had many adventures.

A debate soon begins on who is closer to God.  The frogs are sure they are closer to God, yet Kabay and the other fish are sure they are closest to God.  Chongay the frog decides to help Kabay find out exactly who is closest to God.  What will they discover?


Kabay and Monok won the first prize of children literature in Afghanistan, 2018. Mohib’s two works published in English are: “The Tiger” a very short story was published in Flash Fiction International, 2015 and “The Bound Man” was published in the Seoul International Writers’ Festival Anthology The Forgotten and the Unforgotten – Table, 2016.


Kabay and Monok by Mohib Zegham (E-book)


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