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Handbook of the Old Testament Prophets by James Manthey



Handbook of the Old Testament Prophets

What do the Old Testament prophets have to say about Jesus Christ, our salvation through Christ, our relationship with God because of all that Christ has done for us? They have much to say, and this should be our focus. Look everywhere here, and you will find many hints of the Messiah, the “Meshiach” (as Hebrew pronounces the word). The question may be asked: Is there a way to present the great prophecies of the Bible in a way that causes us to grasp better the essentials and capture some of the beauty and majesty God’s spokesmen must have felt when writing? The Lord has moved me, I believe, to generate a format that displays the truths of Scripture in such a way. With the Spirit’s help, our heightened curiosity will more likely bear fruit leading to further study and discussion. My prayer is that the Spirit will work through the suggestions here to lead the reader…to a place of self-discovery, going hand in hand with a closer relationship to Jesus.

Handbook of the Old Testament Prophets by James Manthey


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