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Hair Peace by Dawn Doig (Paperback)



Hair Peace

An inspirational story about positive self-image and perceptions of beaut


Johanita is a young girl of African descent who does not like her hair.  She has short, tight, kinky curls but wants hair like other girls at school  because she believes it will make her more beautiful.

When she goes to the mall with her mother one day, Johanita discovers a salon full of wigs.  She proceeds to try on different wigs and wears one to school each day to match with her ‘twin’.  After a new girl starts school, Johanita discovers that beauty comes in many forms and it isn’t your hair that makes you beautiful. ‘Hair Peace’ was inspired by the beautiful women and girls of Cameroon, Africa.  It is a book about positive self-image and perceptions of beauty.

Hair Peace by Dawn Doig (Paperback)

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