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Daylilies and Nightshades by Deborah Bowden (Paperback)



Daylilies and Nightshades



In her first compilation, Dandelions and Other Weeds, author Deborah Bowden shared lighthearted, happy memories, as well as short stories, poems, and personal musings. In Daylilies and Nightshades, Bowden explores the other side of storytelling by mixing darker words with the familiar jovial stories she is known for.

Daylilies and Nightshades brings to you the universal duality of life and of the creative mind. Like Dandelions before it, this sister anthology contains snippets of Ms. Bowden’s life, memories of her childhood, and short fiction.  But, like life itself, not everything inside these pages is meant to bring you a happily-ever-after finish.

Life is about ups and downs, joy and sorrow, shadowy days that follow sunny afternoons.  Come and immerse yourself in the real  inner workings of a story, not just the shinier parts you’ve been told about as a child.  Take a walk through this garden of night-blooming flowers which are as beautiful as the moon and as thought-provoking as the sunlight through the rain.  Let us introduce you to Daylilies and Nightshades.


Daylilies and Nightshades by Deborah Bowden (Paperback)

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