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Boy – Book 1 by Opeyemi Peter Odeseyi (Paperbook)



Boy – Book 1


BOY is written to describe to parents, the growth stages and attitude expected of a male child. Junior is trained to grow into a responsible adult by doctrine. It will expose parents to how a young boy approaches life at different growth stages.

The other part of the story describes how the nemesis caught up with Lasan, a student doctor to Nicolai Hospital, Maalo, ‘the boss’ a disguise lunatic, sharp shooter, and kidnapper. They form a team of six members which, by an oath, devoted their lives to inflicting evil on the poor and the average surviving families by stealing to sell their children and  causing unrest in their society. Any person who traced their activities, they killed. The prevailing regime was their target to disrupt.

Society deployed all the available modern consultation patterns to find them, because they had hidden themselves behind a working system, until nature picked them out, one after the other, taking them out via their nemesis.

Pete’s family was injured by the awful team. The members of the family employed the four consultation patterns that prevailed in the developing Southwestern, Third-World and the modern Western world societies of the 21stcentury, with their cultural diversity, to avenge their enemies.


Boy – Book 1 by Opeyemi Peter Odeseyi (Paperbook)


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