New 2022 Book Release- Messy Pirates: In A Whale Of A Tale (Book 2) by Nicole Caruso LaBrocca:

An absurdly humorous rhyming picture book that takes fun, swashbuckingly playful twist on pirates, cleanliness and learning to embrace the awkwardness (and awesomeness) of  being new!

Life is messy fun for pirate captain Selene and her crew; however, after a surprise attack from a rival pirate, she realizes that clean is better than messy.

In this adventure, Selene and her crew are cleaning up their ship when her first mate, Pierce, sees something splashing around frantically in the sea. It was a baby whale caught in a net.  Can Selene and her crew to come to the rescue before it is too late?

Product Details:
The Messy Pirates-Book Two
Paperback: ‎33 Pages
Publisher ‏: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (February 23, 2022)
Lizy J Campbell (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Action & Adventure
Grandma’s Book Club: Pirates
Grandma’s Book Club: Values

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About The Author:  Nicole Caruso LaBrocca is a passionate Author who spends her free time writing away in New Jersey. Hailing from the same area, her unquenchable passion for all things creative began early on and it has stayed with her ever since. What started as epic reveries, turned into ideas that soon transformed into stories.

When she isn’t spilling her soul on paper, Nicole enjoys the simple things in life, such as playing soccer, reading, kayaking, and a little one on-one time with Mother Nature. And in case anyone was wondering…

Nicole holds a B.S. in Computer Science & Information Systems. Nicole Caruso LaBrocca is the Author of The Messy Pirates series, Vita-Men: The Heroes Inside Us (Attack of the Sugar Goblins), and Eat Your Vegetables! and encourages you to watch for more books coming soon.

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Book: Messy Pirates: In A Whale Of A Tale (Book 2) by Nicole Caruso LaBrocca

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