New 2022 Book Release-Felicia and the Groundhog’s Day Misadventure-Book 1 by M. Deborah Bowden:

Felicia Brown seems like a perfect child. She has curly hair, and a sweet, polite disposition. She lives with her parents Mattilade and Timothy Brown on Tomato Can Road.

Felicia Brown owns a dog named Discrepancy and a cat named Atrocious who definitely live up to their names. Add this very smart little girl with big ideas into the mix and trouble always follows. Sometimes even the whole town gets dragged into the mess. Follow along with Felicia and her pets on her many misadventures.

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Book 1 of 1: Felicia Tales: The Many Misadventures of Felicia BrownPaperback: ‎50 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (February 15, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Misadventures

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About The Author: Author (Mary) Deborah Bowden first developed a love of story-telling and writing from her father, Bradley Garrison Patrick, when she was very young and began creating her own tales in the 1970s. She especially enjoys writing about animals for children. She taught English and creative writing in the public schools and college for 25 years before retiring to rear her daughter, Erin Bradleigh, on whom she honed her talents.

She is the author of other adult books: Dandelions and other Weeds: A Collection of Musings, Memories, Songs, Poems, and Stories; Felicia Tales: The Many Misadventures of Felicia Brown, grown from the stories her father told; Pat and Little Pat: A Slightly Unconventional Cookbook from a dad and daughter; and Little Lestoil Ladies: The Cream of Premium Dolls and How to Identify Them. And now, Daylilies and Nightshades, a sequel to her Dandelions book and Kudzu, which was her first horror novel. Her works for children are The Mr. Bramble Bones Series: Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy in The Case of the Missing Blue Blanket; Mister Bramble Bones and Grimmy Share a Home, Mr. Bramble Bones Is Too Cold to Play, Mr. Bramble Bones and Grimmy Clean Up; Mr. Bramble Bones and the Ghost Hunters; Mr. Bramble Bones: A Christmas to Remember.  The Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard Series:  Horus, the Misunderstood Buzzard: Horus Has a Problem, with other books in the series coming soon; The Sack Lunch, a children’s book illustrated by her talented daughter; Ms. Bowden has contributed articles and stories to The Reflection Rag, a quarterly publication, Pen-It Magazine for writers; and The Realm, an online magazine of the paranormal. Her writings have appeared in Kairos:1970; Midwest Poets from Pen to Paper; Treasured Moments, Hillsounds III, and The Wishing Well: Discoveries, three anthologies. Her books are at the Fallen Leaf in Nashville, Indiana. Others can be found on, and Barnes and Noble and other sites. She’s available to speak at writer’s conferences and to entertain groups with her storytelling at

Other Books by M. Deborah Bowden

  • Mr. Bramble Bones: A Christmas to Remember by M. Deborah Bowden
  • The Adventures of Mr. Bramble Bones: The Ghost Hunters by Deborah Bowden
  • The Adventures of Mr. Bramble Bones: Too Cold to Play by Deborah Bowden
  • Horus the Misunderstood Buzzard and Friends: Horus Has a Problem by M. Deborah Bowden
  • Horus, The Misunderstood Buzzard and Friends: Snickers Has a Toothache by M. Deborah Bowden

Author’s Page At Pen It Publications:

Author’s Page At Pen It Publications:

Book: Felicia and the Groundhog’s Day Misadventure by M. Deborah Bowden

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