Wrath of Lukera – book 2 by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)


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Wrath of Lukera

Book 2



Wrath Of Lukera is the sequel to May of Lukera. It follows May through her pregnancy with Prince Rollio’s son, the highly-anticipated heir to the throne. May’s role in Lukera is tested when a cousin of Vix shows up in Lukera. Sebastian seems flattering and genuine to May, but Rollio senses he is evil and has ill-intentions. Rollio and May seem to be bickering constantly concerning who the enemy really is? Who will be correct? Will their marriage survive or will it prove too much?

Wrath Of Lukera reveals many shocking secrets about May. Likewise, even the honorable respected Prince is holding some dark secrets. Nothing is as it seems in Lukera.


Wrath of Lukera – book 2 by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)

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