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Who is Singing? by Janet Halfmann (Hardback)

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Who is Singing?



Have you ever heard a bird whistle wheet, wheet, wheet, birdie, birdie, birdie? That’s the song of a cardinal. Every bird’s song is             different. Bird songs often sound like familiar words. That makes it easier for us to tell Who Is Singing?


Who is Singing? by Janet Halfmann (Hardback)

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1 review for Who is Singing? by Janet Halfmann (Hardback)

  1. Nancy Dearborn, Author Hugga Loula, I Found a Wallet, and Runaway

    Who Is Singing? is an enjoyable book for children and adults alike to try and figure out which birds match which sounds. The colorful illustrations will help children guess the correct bird. It’s the perfect book to read before taking a nature walk and then trying to spot different birds based on sounds and sights.

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