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When Eagles Soared by Nick Lewis (Paperback)



When Eagles Soared

Nick Lewis (Paperback)


When Eagles Soared is a work of fiction – the story is adapted from, inspired by, and based on the author’s best recollection of actual events. When Lou Surber Osborne, a rookie teacher and coach, is hired to coach an elementary football team with a losing history, he quickly realizes the challenges that lie ahead of him to make them winners.   While defying all the obstacles and challenges facing him,  seventeen seventh and eighth-grade boys bought into a winning philosophy to become the best they could be, win or lose.

     In telling this story, for those of you that are baby-boomers, I hope to transport you back to 1970-71 when life was simple and innocent in so many ways, yet challenging and tense in navigating the turbulent times brought on by the Vietnam War. It had an enormous effect on young men of military draft age, and their families and friends, in one way or the other until the war ended. Rock-and-roll groups and their songs during the Vietnam War era were a statement of defiance but also hope for a better future. As you come across them in the book, I hope the songs take you back in time, remembering the good times you experienced with that special someone.

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When Eagles Soared by Nick Lewis (Paperback)

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