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Jeremiah Wasn’t Just a Bullfrog! by Tim Vassar



Jeremiah Wasn’t Just a Bullfrog!


In Jeremiah Wasn’t Just a Bullfrog, Tim Vassar takes you through personal stories of love, passion, pursuits and perseverance that were all part of the plan for his life while never understanding their alignment until he was actually writing the book.  His words ring true for athletes, coaches, teachers, school administrators, ministers, and for those wanting a good love story.  For readers seeking inspiration or self-help, this is the book for you!  If you love sports, then you will find fulfillment in these pages.  For educators, he provides valuable common sense lessons.  For husbands needing some guidance, Tim provides some scripturally based thoughts on how to treat your wife and for wives to understand what they should expect from their husbands.  If you need a good chuckle, you will not be disappointed.

Throughout these pages, Tim provides an over-arching theme that there is a plan for your life no matter what circumstances you have endured or the current condition you find yourself. He does not thump you over the head with a Bible, but rather champions the very clear vision that God wants you to prosper and not be harmed while giving you hope and a future.

Jeremiah Wasn’t Just a Bullfrog! by Tim Vassar


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