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Upon This Rock by Alan Poquette



Upon This Rock

In 1964, young Gian-Carlo “Gianni” O’Neill and his best friend Liam Finnerty are off to minor seminary to pursue their dream to become Roman Catholic priests. Their paths to this end will be long and arduous and fraught with much physical, emotional, and psychological trauma and tragedy. One will rise to heights never imagined; the other will confront and ultimately overcome demons that have plagued him since adolescence. Set against real-world historical events, over the next half-century, the story provides an intriguing “What if?” scenario for the troubled past and current– and often scandalous – challenges to one of the world’s most powerful, and arguably, most revered religious institutions.

On a different level, the story depicts a loving and touching portrait of two boys growing to manhood that measures and defines the nature of true and lasting friendship and fraternal love.

Upon This Rock by Alan Poquette


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