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Thunder Lake by Tina Lynn



Thunder Lake by Tina Lynn


In a land, far away, the world is not as we know it. Where is this mystical, magical place?


Some call it Gaia and both evil and good reside there. Many creatures roam the land, trolls, vampires, werewolves, and dragons. There are brownies and fairies and a group of monks, who try to bring the people to God. Warlock rules this land but he is not a believer—yet.


When the modern day, American Scott family is dumped into this crazy world after being abducted on the “Hell Train” by one of Satan’s demons, they have no idea what to expect.


One thing is for certain, though. They, along with many others, will face the biggest battle of their lives as the fight between good and evil plays out.

Thunder Lake by Tina Lynn


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