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Three Fallen Leaves by Al Lohn (E-book)


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Three Fallen Leaves


A lonely old man sits in his wheelchair, alone in the corner of the patio. He is dealing with tremendous loss, pain and guilt. He stares
forlornly across the valley at the cemetery. His grief-stricken face shows torment. When author Ashley Thornton first stumbles upon
the heart-breaking story, she is visiting a nursing home to inquire about a candy striper’s job for her daughter. Her husband has just
been appointed Chief of Geriatrics at the county hospital in Garner’s Corner, a small town in Iowa. She sees the old man and wonders
what story is locked up behind the tormented mask. She is determined to find out what his story is.

Nurse Vicky Lister becomes aware of Ashley’s interest in the old man’s story. She shares her limited knowledge of JP’s past. No one
except Vicky’s husband, Sheriff Mike and JP’s attorney know about his runaway daughter, Noel. When Sheriff Mike and JPs attorney find
Noel in a New York morgue and bring her home, the missing pieces of the old man’s life begin falling into place. It isn’t until his death
that JPs only confidante, Toni, reveals the truth; the truth that will change Ashley’s life forever.

Three Fallen Leaves by Al Lohn (E-book)


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