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The White Sofa by Debi Stanton



The White Sofa:  by Debi Stanton


Sam walked over to the pile of canvases leaning against the opposite wall.  Flipping past the portrait of the small child with the oval eyes, to a dark canvas full of eerie blacks and blues, Sam’s eyes widened.  Grotesque faces with mouths agape, loomed in the dark tree limbs encompassed with shadows of a night sky.  Sam felt herself shudder and pressed on to the next canvas.

Flipping on, she came upon a canvas that was just as eerie, although the scene was different; a dark house, late at night with only one window illuminated.  Scary, Sam thought.  She immediately flipped to the next canvas.  She nearly jumped out of her skin as a red-faced demon glared back at her.  With wide eyes and mouth agape it seemed to lunge at her.  He had horns that were twisted so the points were prevalent and seemed to draw your attention to the fact that this creature could gouge you to death.

Quickly moving on, the next painting was a single iridescent moon in the middle of a solid black canvas.  The moon was oozing into the background.  That was enough!  Sam shoved the paintings back against the wall and looked at the portrait of the little girl again.  “What the hell happened to her that she could move from painting the innocence of a child to pure evil?” she muttered.  “What went through my sister’s mind?  I just don’t understand what drove her into this madness.”


The White Sofa by Debi Stanton


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