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The U-Turn on the Freeway by Thando Poto (Paperback)


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The U-Turn on the Freeway



What would happen if one would take a U-turn on the freeway? Thando provides an entertaining yet thought-provoking imaginative answer to this question. Fasten your seatbelt as you allow yourself to drive down the freeway and see how a daily life of a South African is like.

Like many South Africans, on discovering the truth, in ‘Violin’, Xolani finds the pill a bit hard to swallow. A young man’s conscience comes into play in ‘I hope to see you one day’ as he finally accepts what he cannot change. While travelling down memory lane and reminiscing seems like the only thing Mnqobi does in ‘To the Chi artist’, in ‘Suffocating’, Lulamile takes the boldest decision ever. On the journey to happiness, the pages to a chapter Kamva prefers closed in ‘Tennis ball’ uncontrollably open themselves. Parents and the society we live in somehow contribute to the reason the youngsters dance with the devil. When Thulani takes a U-turn on the freeway in the self-titled story, his words do not fall on deaf ears.


The U-Turn on the Freeway by Thando Poto (Paperback)


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