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The Smell of Betrayal by Ndaba Sibanda (Paperback)


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The Smell of Betrayal:  You Sting My Heart



Author Khumbulani writes, “On the day of the party, the October sun was already scorching the land with lashes of angry hot rays.  I dressed in a milk-white blouse, blue jean skirt with a revealing slit and spike-heeled shoes.  Belinda was clad in a summer dress which revealed most of what it intended to cover.  Nomsa on the other hand was wearing a beautiful pair of blue denim jeans and a string top.”

Author Pentecost weighs in on his terms. Ben stumbles into the toilet and steps onto a soft object that slips and seems to breathe.  “Shit!” he exclaims, “Miss Ncube must have been here earlier today,” he says to himself, “These young teachers from college are not yet used to our rural diet, no wonder they constantly get stomach upsets.”

The collection of The Smell of Betrayal: You Sting My Heart demonstrates fittingly, vividly and robustly how betrayal is a psychological, emotional and physical cancer that must be fought and shunned by everyone. Brace up for some sizzling action and shocks. Maina Wahome, author of Trouble For Sale.


The Smell of Betrayal by Ndaba Sibanda (Paperback)

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