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The Second Chance by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)



The Second Chance



Tilly Daily, is a second-grade teacher who is passionate about her job and loves her students. When her husband died in a military bombing three years ago; her heart was broken. She is sure she will never love anyone again the way she loved Logan.

James Grant is the new Gym teacher at the school where Tilly teaches. He is funny and handsome; a great catch, but can he break through her walls? James’ wife, Emma, also passed away, so he understands Tilly’s pain and shares her compassion for others.

When Robert, one of Tilly’s students, father dies suddenly of a heart attack, his mother is left behind to take care of two boys on her own. Can Tilly go above and beyond the role of teacher to help this family out?

Between her budding relationship with James, and her compassion for Robert’s family, and her own struggles with loss, she is at constant war with herself.

Don’t for one moment think that this is your typical romance story, because in an instant everything can and will change.


The Second Chance by Kayla Dodd (Paperback)

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