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The Rogue Marauder by Cherie Waggie (Paperback)



The Rogue Marauder:  The Adventures of Haunalyn, Korbot, and Sneighd



Things don’t always go as planned for Denovan freighter pilot, Sneighd Arkon. Keeping his battered freighter    flying isn’t always easy.  He refuses a lucrative job offer from Sinnetian Syndicate Boss, Baquar Starka but accepts a loan from him in order to keep his freighter functional, even though he knows doing so is a bad idea. Baquar Starka isn’t one to forgive or forget slights. The syndicate boss activates a plan to kill two birds with one stone. He murders a Galactic Corporate official, then manufactures evidence that lands the murder squarely on Sneighd’s shoulders.

Starka’s plan fails when Sneighd receives help from Tendrite Portmaster, Korbot Maka and an 18-year-old Rhadurian pilot, Haunalyn, who find themselves embroiled in a gun battle between Sneighd and Baquar’s men. When Sneighd’s freighter is disabled, the only means of escape is in Haunalyn’s Rhadurian hauler, the Rogue Marauder.

With Starka, the Galactic Corporate Police, a hired assassin, and a mysterious woman hot on their trail, the trio, the Rogue Marauder begins a manic, wild race across the galaxy. The three companions need to find out who actually murdered the Corporate official and prove Sneighd’s innocence before time runs out.


The Rogue Marauder by Cherie Waggie (Paperback)

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