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The Porch by Merrilee Franklin



The Porch


A historical fiction for both young and old alike…

For six generations, The Porch has served as a place for children to play and pretend about their futures. Their lives fit together like pieces of a puzzle, interlocking and completing each other. The stately old house and porch were built in 1895 by Archie and his bride Jewell. Throughout the next century, Sara pretended to nurse her Spanish-American war soldiers. Matt “flew” his Tinker Toy plane to Antarctica, imagining himself to be Admiral Byrd. Jake lost himself in reading and studying to escape the confines of his wheelchair. Using Jake’s ramp, Mike “surfed” around the world on his skateboard searching for the perfect wave. Barry plotted the football formations that would change his life forever and Natalie consoled her young doll-patients through their cancer treatments. These 10 year old children enjoyed The Porch, the memorabilia in the Treasure Chests that were stored under the porch, and the 4th of July reunion celebrations. In one of the Treasure Chests is a Japanese Puzzle Box that holds a mystery.


A scavenger hunt leads the young and old alike, through the chronological order of the family history memorabilia. The Puzzle Box is opened and the ending will surprise you as much as the family!


The Porch by Merrilee Franklin


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