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The Miracle of Green by A.E. Hanaway



The Miracle of Green by A.E. Hanaway


The Miracle of Green is suspenseful, thrilling and intriguing; there is also a love, danger, and mystery involved. It has a touch of the supernatural with nonstop action, and with a sprinkling of paranormal romance.

“Miracle of Green” tells a story of a woman trying to forget her past, by running from the dangers that haunt her dreams, and threatens the lives of her sons.

Mandy wakes every night screaming, with fear of the past. If it wasn’t for her sons, life would not be worth living. Her mother’s death, brings her sister home, but she keeps her distance from Mandy. Connie does not understand why she feels threatened by Mandy and her sons.

Her brother provides the protection that she needs to feel safe. As much as Mandy tries not to dwell on the memory that robs her of sleep and sanity, she is terrified of what will happen when they find her.

But, danger seems to follow Mandy, and she has to be rescued again. This time by a stranger, a handsome, wide shouldered, deep blue eyed hunk of a man. A man that seems to call to her cat, and she wants the man and what his hides inside. Could love blossom with this stranger, but how her sons would cope with this man, or is she fated to live her life alone.

There is adventure, love, mystery that throws her into turmoil. And what of all the secrets that she holds? Could Jason’s love be strong enough to save her from her dreams, and can he love her sons?

The Miracle of Green by A.E. Hanaway


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