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The Holy Spirit & the Baptism of the Holy Spirit



The Holy Spirit and The Baptism of The Holy Spirit


The full purpose of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit intercedes for us. He also draws you to Jesus, for no one comes to the Father unless he is drawn. We are to be the voice, the hands and feet for which the Holy Spirit shines through from us to others. We are not to just go to Church and say, “we are a Christian,” we are to live it. Living out your daily life as a true child of God loving people, as a way of life, is the best testimony you will ever have. The Holy Spirit helps you, teaches you and guides you. Read through this study and ask the Lord to speak to your heart and to give you understanding. He will awaken your heart and your mind to the many wonders of the Holy Spirit and you will grow even closer to God. As you grow deeper in knowledge of the things of God you will truly be changed and you will shine as a “city on a hill.”   Second Edition


The Holy Spirit & the Baptism of the Holy Spirit


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