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The Day Trip II by Stephen Cheshire (Paperback)



The Day Trip II

Repeating the impossible is mankind’s only option!



The has been Mothership has been destroyed; the Armazoids vanquished. New York City had saved itself, restoring peace to the planet. The all but forgotten, yet pivotal role played by one young boy feels much like a faded nightmare.  Bradley has returned to his favorite past-times: chasing girls and honing his skills at the local gun range.

When his plans for a memorial celebration in Honolulu are disrupted by shocking news that the Armazoids have returned, fate guides Bradley elsewhere. This time, the Armazoids have set their sights on London.   Having studied humanity’s tactics and equipped themselves with superior technology, the super-race is all the more dangerous…and they do not intend to lose again.

In The Day Trip 2, the aliens up their game…Other worldly thrills are impending: prepare to be abducted!



The Day Trip II by Stephen Cheshire (Paperback)

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