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The Adventures of Rugs: Slow Down, Rugs by Bob Moulesong



The Adventures of Rugs:  Slow Down, Rugs! 



The Adventures of Rugs is a series of picture books designed to help our young children adapt in our ever-changing world.

Each cute and cuddly backyard animal possesses a unique personality trait. Rugs, our happy, bouncy squirrel, displays the energy and attention level of a child with ADHD. Kaylee the kitten has large white spots on her face, and is teased for her multi-colored skin. Rory the Raccoon, who will appear on Book Four, has an irrational fear of the dark.

As our children leave their nest, they will encounter others with unique personality traits. Some have these characteristics themselves. The intent of these stories is to provide our children with the tools — compassion, empathy, understanding, and acceptance – to accept those around them as they are. And maybe, just maybe, they will learn to accept themselves.

I hope Rugs finds a place in your child’s heart. And, I hope the lessons embedded in these stories help your child when he or she leaves the nest and ventures out into that big, scary backyard.

Bob Moulesong


The Adventures of Rugs: Slow Down, Rugs by Bob Moulesong


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