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Sweet Marah: Bittersweet by Uwaezuoke S. Joseph (Paperback)


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Uwaezuoke S. Joseph



Baby Olisa survives the evil forest that has been the ultimate destination of all twins, but if he only knew what fate has in store for him, he would have taken the quick exit that his custom offered him.

As the only heir to a very prosperous father, the world is at his feet, but he is taken away from the utopia that he has come to know as home. He is  taken from his mother`s loving arms to a world across the Atlantic, where death and hell resides. The belly of the sea opened her mouth to end his misery but his destiny was inescapable.

Olisa must fight against all odds to survive the hell that he finds himself in. He fights so that he can see his mother again. In his fight, he must endure the whip, bear the cold, and suffers inconceivable cruelty. It is difficult to imagine a better day when even hope is too far off to imagine. If only his tears could change the course of fate. Who can alter the predetermined counsel of an immortal spirit? Only the one with the mark of the supreme being; he that has the mantle of the gods

Sweet Marah: Bittersweet by Uwaezuoke S. Joseph (Paperback)

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