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The Concert and Travel Guru by James Stoneman



The Concert and Travel Guru

The goal of James Stoneman’s book is simple, to provide you with an easy-to-read work which can be read in just a few hours. Inside, there are several cost savings ideas to enhance your ability to dream and create more memories for you and your family through travel and          concerts.

This book is very educational.  If you want to learn, you will find several tips on traveling and attending concerts. James communicates these tips in simple, plain English.

Who can use this book? Anyone. All you need to enjoy this book is the ability to dream, the ability to learn, and the ability to follow some simple steps to create memories.

James has a simple message. Creating memories is what life is all about. Possessions can become worthless and fleeting.

It’s highly recommended that you keep this book handy and reference it often as you explore planning future concerts and travel.  There are roughly 100 cost saving ideas contained in fifty-three chapters. If you decide to even use just ONE of them, then you will have likely paid for this book many times over!


The Concert and Travel Guru by James Stoneman


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