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Southbound to Angel Island by H. L. Dowless (Paperback)


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Southbound to Angel Island



The America of the past was extraordinary.  Today, unfortunately, it has descended into debauchery and chaos.  The government has turned on its citizens and erected a political inquisition to replace legitimate rule of law based upon hard facts. Economic excellence for the masses is forbidden, contrary to the nation’s individualist past.

A splendid, yet elusive, island lies in the southern seas where the America of the past still resides.  For more than three-hundred years, individuals have longed for it, adventurers have died for it, and here we find those who have actually found it.

Between the pages of this book, you will discover your place inside this wonderful land of glorious achievement…or will you?


Southbound to Angel Island by H. L. Dowless (Paperback)

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