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Snow Dancing in New Jersey by Jose A. Carmona (E-Book)



Snow Dancing in New Jersey



Snow Dancing in New Jersey is divided into thirty heartwarming, culturally rich chapters. It follows Blanca’s haunting life, an abused Latina young woman from Dominican Republic. Blanca was mentally abused by her father and brothers, and later, both mentally and physically abused by her husband. Eventually she flees from her husband and comes to the U.S. Her life is depicted with the back drop of Union City, New Jersey in the 1990s.

As Blanca becomes adjusted to life in the U.S. her husband is looking for her and eventually finds her. Her abuse starts all over again when Blanca says she wants to finish school and make a life for herself as an independent woman. By now, Blanca is no longer subservient as her parents had taught her to be. Blanca also experiences immigration issues, learning a second language, robbery, loss of family, and the hardships of life in a new country. Will Blanca ever escape her aggressor?


Snow Dancing in New Jersey by Jose A. Carmona (E-Book)


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