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Say Their Names by Anonymous (Paperback)



Say Their Names



Documented history forgets the accounts of witnesses – the everyday people who were there. And it is an injustice to let the overview of historical events focus on dates, places, and outcomes while  minimizing and discounting the testimonies and suffering of people who lived through the human experiences.  So, to fill in the historical gaps, we have an obligation to remember – and Say Their Names.

If it matters and for what it’s worth (!!) – This collection was, of course, initiated by American events, but was influenced by Maria Rosa Menocal’s book, The Ornament of the World in which she documents a time and place when “the people of the book” coexisted and lived    together with shared cultures, ethnicities, and religions.  Shared experiences not only make good stories, they make good societies…


Say Their Names by Anonymous (Paperback)

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