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Saving the Land of Abraham by Al Lohn (Paperback)


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Saving the Land of Abraham



When extinction threatens the land of Abraham, Jacob rises to the occasion and saves his homeland. As the deputy commander of Mossad, the general staff selects him to draw up the battle plans to defend the Arabian Peninsula against Armageddon. In addition, he leads the Northern Coalition Forces into battle against ISIS. His reputation as a military tactician gains him the command of a mission preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear device. After the assassination of his Palestinian childhood girlfriend, his life becomes further complicated. Jacob’s feelings are torn between his newly ignited love for Jalila and his loyalty and love for his Fiancé, Rachel. Jacob Junior, Jalila’s son fathered by Jacob Sr., is in the hands of Hamas. He promised Jalila to honor her dying request to find and rescue him.

Saving the Land of Abraham by Al Lohn (Paperback)

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