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Rocky Road Trucking by Rachael Benson



Rocky Road Trucking


“Okay everybody here’s your GPS. Try to follow directions and don’t get lost. We’ve got a lot of messages to deliver. Now trucks, hit the road. Oh, I’m so sorry. Let me introduce myself; I’m the Motor Cortex, I go by Mr. MC. I’m the part of the brain that plans and controls voluntary movements. Voluntary means intentional. I write the messages that tell certain body parts to work.” “I’m his wife, Mrs. Up. I deliver the messages by using a group of trucks called the upper motor neurons.    We live inside Rachael’s head. We’re in charge of a company called Rocky Road Trucking. We have three kids named Rit, Lit, and RFin,” replied Mrs. Up. “We’re a family-owned business that delivers the mail. We don’t call ourselves Rocky Road Trucking for nothing. Managing brain activity is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Some days it can be tough sorting through the mail,” replied Mrs. Up.

“This book would make an excellent addition to any school bookshelf. I love a book that can teach children tolerance and kindness to others, and this book achieves that goal perfectly.”  Lesley Jones for Readers Favorite—5-Star Review.


Rocky Road Trucking by Rachael Benson


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