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Rescue 1: Storm Vortex (Book 2) by Truman J. Beaver (E-book)



Rescue 1: Storm Vortex

Book 2



Spring of 1995–

A strange wind is blowing… Violent and unnatural weather patterns across the globe lead a top NOAA  climatologist to one conclusion, something’s fishy in the Sargasso Sea an area more commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle, but before he can finish  uncovering the truth he is found dead the victim of a mysterious mugging. His protégé determined to find out the reason behind his mentors untimely death sails off for the truth but vanishes without a trace.

Still reeling after his experiences with the secret world order known as the C.O.R.E. former Coast Guard hero turned marine salvage mogul Chance Blackwell is drawn into the drama after the daring rescue of oil rig crew from a runaway derelict cruise liner. He returns home to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas to prepare for his upcoming wedding and after a life of crazy adventure he is expecting things to be calmer but before he can say I do a crazed ex soviet scientist destroys his wedding and kidnaps his fiancée alerting him to a plot to take over the world governments. Can Chance, with the help of his friends rescue his fiancée and save the world from the building Storm Vortex…….


Rescue 1: Storm Vortex (Book 2) by Truman J. Beaver (E-book)


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