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Ready to Forgive by LeighAnne Clifton (E-Book)



Ready to Forgive



Alex and Chad are getting married!

Well, that is, they will be if Alex can shake off the hurts from her past. She takes Terry with her to Woodvale to finally forgive her step-father and to introduce Terry to his dad. When Chad learns about their travel plans, he questions whether their relationship can withstand her pain.

Alex has a proposal of her own when she returns: get married! In less than two months! How can they organize a proper celebration in that amount of time? With help from a whole bunch of friends, of course.

An ex-girlfriend, more secrets, and some wedding day bombshells all conspire to wreck the couple’s plans. Can Alex and Chad prevail over the past and embark on a lifetime of happiness?


Ready to Forgive was a wonderful read filled with unexpected ups and  downs that life can truly bring. It shows how powerful forgiveness can be in not only the forgiver but also in the forgiven, and that this power only comes through God.

 Craig Hastings  – Author of  Moose Ridge – Ending to Beginning


Ready to Forgive by LeighAnne Clifton (E-Book)


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