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Probably Magic: The Wedding Quilt – Book 5 by Jo Jewell (E-Book)



Probably Magic: The Wedding Quilt – Book 5 


Vesta and Jacob Krause lived in Klamry, Poland in 1943. Hitler was marching through Europe leaving death and destruction in his path. Vesta had just finished The Wedding Quilt which had been passed down generation to generation to a newly married daughter. Leah, Jacob and Vesta’s daughter lived in the United States since her marriage. Before Vesta could ship the quilt to Leah, the unspeakable happened.

Probably finds herself trying to locate the Wedding Quilt and deliver it to the rightful owner while planning her own wedding. The search takes her from Washington D.C. to Jacksonville, Florida, all the while being hounded by Brendore, Demon Overlord of the Underworld. He is          determined Probably’s wedding will never take place and he will stop at nothing to make sure Probably is his and his alone.

Join Probably and her friends as they try to fulfill their mission and ultimately make an impossible choice for her life.


Probably Magic: The Wedding Quilt – Book 5 by Jo Jewell (E-Book)


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