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Pamona’s Spectacular Pumpkin Patch by Diane Orr (Paperback)



Pamona’s Spectacular Pumpkin Patch



Pamona’s Spectacular Pumpkin Patch is the author’s first venture into the middle grades chapter book genre. Pamona is an amazingly talented girl who lives with her parents in the lush green countryside in a past era when life was simple and work was hard. Pamona joins her parents in their gardening endeavors but is totally unprepared for the magical impact her pumpkins will have on her small community, including the children who live in  Miss Lily’s home for orphans. A sweet story of  imagination and hard work with some pumpkin magic thrown in, this story will make you smile and warm your heart. You may even shed a tear at the wonderful and unexpected surprise of  unspoken dreams coming true!


Pamona’s Spectacular Pumpkin Patch by Diane Orr (Paperback)

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