Out of the Blue by Ken Palmrose (Paperback)



Out of the Blue

A young man’s journey from the palms of Vietnam to the pine forest of the West.


Ben hops aboard the Greyhound on a journey from his hometown of Sisu Bay on the coast of Oregon to one of the most rural areas of the West. Drafted into the Army and a 14- month veteran of the Vietnam War, he was glad to begin his career in a western national forest, but the dangers that he will face far surpass anything he has seen.

You will meet Ben ’s crew, city slickers, dudes, and greenhorns, from all over the USA who are thrown in with some locals whose families worked this same land for decades.. Ben ’s journey with this oddball group will test him, as this will be a different journey involving different “wars.’’ Ben and his new buddies will experience their own personal wars against forest fires where close calls are the norm, and murder         accusations which are not, along with other life -changing events that only the end of the 60’s could bring.

Ben’s story is a journey, but also a reminder of the nightmares and daydreams of being in a war zone; some bad, some good, but memories that are forever lurking in the mind’s shadows.


Out of the Blue by Ken Palmrose (Paperback)

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